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OpenNMS Meridian 2016

What’s New in Meridian 2016

Since Meridian 2015, a number of backend changes have been made, as well as a large amount of refactoring and many new features.

Java 8

Meridian 2015 dropped support for Java 6, and now in 2016 we are dropping support for Java 7, which has been EOL’d for some time now. OpenNMS Meridian 2015 requires Java 8 to run, and we strongly recommend the latest version of Oracle JDK 8 for your platform.

PostgreSQL 9.1 or Higher

OpenNMS Meridian 2016 now requires PostgreSQL 9.1 or higher. All older versions of PostgreSQL are past their end-of-life support date.

Retired Features
  • The legacy capability scanner, Capsd, has been removed from OpenNMS. It was deprecated in OpenNMS Horizon 1.12 and disabled by default in Horizon 14 and Meridian 2015 in favor of the provisioning systems of OpenNMS.

  • The original link scanning daemon, Linkd, has been superseded by Enhanced Linkd since it was introduced in OpenNMS Horizon 15. Enhanced Linkd is a refactored replacement that is more efficient than the original Linkd code.

  • SVG Maps: The SVG map feature relied on Linkd’s code for drawing links between items on the map so it was also removed in OpenNMS 17.

  • Xmlrpcd: Xmlrpcd was a daemon that relayed inventory and polling events to an external system over the XML-RPC protocol. Because you can accomplish almost all of its use cases by using the provisioning REST service, it has been removed.

  • MX4J: The MX4J HTTP interface has been removed in favor of using more modern JMX access methods that have been added in recent versions of the JVM.

Important Upgrade Notes
  • Clean Up Events and Alarms: Please clean up your event and alarm lists as much as possible before performing an upgrade to Meridian 2016. The upgrade process contains a large number of database schema migrations which will cause rewrites of all of the data in some tables. If you prune unused data from these tables beforehand, it will make the upgrade process much quicker.

  • Remote Poller API Change: Due to internal API changes, the Remote Poller API has changed in Meridian 2016. If you upgrade to Meridian 2016, you will also need to upgrade all Remote Pollers attached to the system to 2016 as well.

  • RMI Security Updates: The RMI registry has been changed to only listen on localhost by default. It also now requires authentication using an OpenNMS administrator account.

  • JMX Updates: JMX is no longer enabled by default on port 18980. If you have reason to access your OpenNMS instance remotely over JMX, you can reenable it by adding and to ADDITIONAL_MANAGER_OPTIONS in $OPENNMS_HOME/etc/opennms.conf. Complete documentation on enabling remote access and configuring authentication is available in the admin guide. Note that OpenNMS-JVM monitoring of the local instance (ie, localhost) will still work by using the JMX Access API, without needing to enable the TCP port.

API Changes

Several classes changed location in Meridian 2016 and these changes may require you to update configuration files or scripts with the new names.

  • The IndexStorageStrategy and PersistAllSelectorStrategy classes moved into the Java package. These classes are heavily referenced in data collection configuration files. There is an upgrade task that should update all data collection files when you run the install command after upgrading OpenNMS.

  • All EventUtils class methods were consolidated inside the class.

  • Monitoring locations for the Remote Poller are now viewed and configured in the UI under /locations/index.jsp. Monitoring locations were previously configured in the etc/monitoring-locations.xml file but are now stored in monitoringlocations database table.

  • All data previously in the location_monitors table is now in the monitoringsystems table.

  • The ifIndex column has been removed from the ipInterface table. To fetch the ifIndex, you need to join to the snmpInterface table by nodeId.

  • The nodeId and ipAddr columns have been removed from the ifServices table. To fetch these columns, you need to join to the ipInterface table.

  • The nodeId, ipAddr and serviceId columns have been removed from the outages table. To fetch these columns, you need to join to the ifServices table.

New Features
  • There is a new REST service that can be used to export performance data. This service can be used to easily export OpenNMS metrics into external graphing engines such as Grafana. See the REST API documentation for details.

  • Newts Storage for Data Collection: In addition to RRD and JRobin, OpenNMS 17 data collection now supports our [Newts]( time-series data store that uses the highly-scalable Apache Cassandra database as the storage backend. This storage solution provides higher performance than the file-based RRD and JRobin databases and practically unlimited scalability when using a cluster of Cassandra nodes. You can drastically reduce CPU and storage load on your OpenNMS system and increase the number of metrics stored per second by using the Newts storage engine.

  • Measurements REST API Filtering: The measurements REST API now supports the use of arithmetic filters on the returned datasets. This allows you to perform calculations or statistical operations on the data via server-side processing.

  • Grafana Panel: An optional panel has been added to the UI to allow you to integrate links to Grafana graphs in the UI.

  • Streamlined UI Style: The style of the UI has been refined to provide a clearer, more modern look-and-feel.

  • Alarm Heatmap: A heatmap visualization has been added that lets you quickly visualize alarm status and outages within a category or on a node.

  • FreeIPA Kerberos Authentication: We’ve added a sample configuration for FreeIPA Kerberos SSO to our jetty-webapps/opennms/WEB-INF/spring-security.d directory.

  • JMX Configuration UI and CLI: The JMX Configuration web UI and CLI have been rewritten to make it easier to generate complex JMX data collection configurations.

  • JMS Alarm Northbounder: The implementation of a JMS northbounder for sending OpenNMS Alarms to external JMS listeners has been completed. Thanks to David Schlenk (@dschlenk) for this contribution!

  • OTRS 3.1+ Ticketing Integration: Our OTRS ticketing integration has been updated to work with the API in OTRS 3.1 and higher. Thanks to Jonathan Sartin (@blackpoplar) for this contribution!

  • Easier Remote Poller Configuration: Monitoring locations can now be associated with multiple polling and collection packages. This can make some Remote Poller scenarios easier to configure.


New or updated trap definitions have been added for the following classes of devices:

  • A10 AX Load Balancer

  • Avocent DSView

  • Citrix NetScaler

  • Dell Force 10

  • Evertz 7800FR Multiframe

  • 7880-IP-ASI-IP

  • 7881-DEC-MP2

  • 7780-ASI-IP2

  • Infoblox

  • Mikrotik RouterOS

  • ~50 new NetApp Events

  • OpenSSH syslog events

  • Postfix syslog events

  • Procmail syslog events

  • Raytheon NXU-2A

  • Siemens HiPath

  • Veeam Backup/Replication

Data Collection
  • Fortinet Fortigate

  • Sonicwall

Core Updates

As always, many updates and cleanups have been made to the OpenNMS core, through refactoring, addition of unit tests, and other code modernization.

  • A few subsystems have been updated to run properly under OSGi.

  • A large number of places where we were still using JDBC calls have been converted to use our DAO infrastructure and Hibernate.

  • The OpenNMS ReST APIs now support CORS properly to aid in writing web applications that consume or update OpenNMS data.

  • The JMX detector, monitor, and collector were refactored for modularity.

  • The Dashboard was rewritten using the Vaadin UI toolkit to improve and modernize its look-and-feel.

  • Bean Scripting Framework (BSF) notifications and the BSFMonitor were optimized and are now much more efficient. (Thanks to David Schlenk for this contribution!)

  • RTC, which calculates the availability percentages for the category panel on the main page, was rewritten using Spring for initialization and using database calls to perform availability calculations. This will improve its maintainability.

  • The web controllers for provisioning, RANCID integration, reports, the node list, and Remote Poller administration were rewritten to modernize their code.

  • The REST portion of the OpenNMS webapp was modularized into its own project.

  • The REST interface has been refactored to be based on Apache CXF 3.1.4.

  • The web UI service layer was separated from the main web UI to improve modularity.

  • The Jasper and statsd reports have been changed so that they use a new unified interface for fetching data from either RRD, JRobin, or Newts.

  • The Discovery engine has been refactored into its own project.

  • The Dashboard has been rewritten using the Vaadin toolkit to modernize its look-and-feel.

  • The opennms-assemblies/jmx-config-generator-onejar project has been moved to features/jmx-config-generator.

Dependency Updates

A number of internal libraries have been upgraded for bugfixes and new features. None of these updates should require configuration changes.

  • Spring has been upgraded from 3.2.9 to 4.0.5.

  • Spring Security has been upgraded from 3.1.7 to 3.2.7.

  • Drools has been upgraded from 5.1.1 to 6.0.1.

  • Apache Camel has been upgraded from 2.13.2 to 2.14.1.

  • Smack (used for XMPP notifications) has been upgraded from 3.0.4 to 4.0.6.

  • The webapp schemas have all been updated to the Servlet 3.0 specification.

  • Jasper Reports has been upgraded from 5.6.1 to 6.1.1.

Release Meridian-2016.1.22

Release 2016.1.22 is a small update to 2016.1.21 that fixes an issue with timeline graphs in the node details page.

The codename for 2016.1.22 is Prof. Orlando Ferguson’s Map of the Square and Stationary Earth, 1893.

  • Timeline missing for service names including slashes (Issue NMS-12097)

Release Meridian-2016.1.21

Release 2016.1.21 is a small update to 2016.1.20 that has a few UI fixes and security updates, as well as a fix for a memory leak in WS-Man monitoring.

The codename for 2016.1.21 is North Pole Gnomonic.

  • Node detail page renders with no content when invalid node ID specified (Issue NMS-10679)

  • CVE-2018-20433: XXE Vulnerability in c3p0 < (Issue NMS-10694)

  • Memory leak in WS-Man (Issue NMS-10696)

  • Reflected XSS vulnerability in notification/detail.jsp and outage/detail.htm (Issue NMS-10707)

Release Meridian-2016.1.20

Release 2016.1.20 is a small update to 2016.1.19 that has a few changes including UI updates and an SNMP loop bug that could cause out-of-memory crashes.

The codename for 2016.1.20 is Craster Parabolic.

  • doesn’t understand newer JDK output (Issue NMS-10401)

  • Backport SNMP successor validation (Issue NMS-10622)

  • When editing a surveillance category from Admin flow, lists of nodes are not sorted by node label (Issue NMS-10654)

  • Karaf shell history thrown out with bathwater on upgrade (Issue NMS-10664)

  • "Event text contains" should search beyond eventlogmsg (Issue NMS-8444)

Release Meridian-2016.1.19

Release 2016.1.19 is a small update to 2016.1.18 that fixes a performance issue in the measurements API.

The codename for 2016.1.19 is Mollweide.

  • Poor performance when using filters in the Measurements API (Issue NMS-10589)

  • Update webapp copyright dates to 2019 (Issue NMS-10591)

Release Meridian-2016.1.18

Release 2016.1.18 is a small update to 2016.1.17 that provides a few documentation updates, a query bug fix, and a fix for an issue with notifications being sent when there is no associated node.

The codename for 2016.1.18 is Strebe 1995.

  • Typo in BSFMonitor Documentation (Issue NMS-10428)

  • Alarm Dashlet CriteriaBuilder In-Restriction not working (Issue NMS-10479)

  • syslog events are creating notifications and disregarding rules in place (Issue NMS-10486)

Release Meridian-2016.1.17

Release 2016.1.17 is an update to 2016.1.16 that fixes a bug with long-running PostgreSQL instances, and makes improvements to VMware connection pooling.

The codename for 2016.1.17 is Van der Grinten.

  • int overflow in InstallerDb causes bamboo failures (Issue NMS-10402)

  • Improve concurrency in Vmware Connection Pool (Issue NMS-10373)

Release Meridian-2016.1.16

Release 2016.1.16 is an update to 2016.1.15 that adds one small enhancement to the service UI.

The codename for 2016.1.16 is Equirectangular.

  • add polling interval definition on service UI (Issue NMS-9747)

  • Release notes in Help / Support links to 2015 (Issue LTS-214)

Release Meridian-2016.1.15

Release 2016.1.15 is an update to 2016.1.14 that includes a critical fix for RADIUS support and a few other small bug fixes.

The codename for 2016.1.15 is Peirce Quincuncial.

Breaking Changes

A security issue in the RadiusAuthenticatinProvider has been fixed (Issue NMS-10212). This requires changes to the radius.xml file located in ${OPENNMS_HOME}/jetty-webapps/opennms/WEB-INF/spring-security.d. Now instead of providing a bean for the authTypeClass property, it is sufficient to just provide the class name:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans:beans xmlns=""
 <beans:bean id="externalAuthenticationProvider" class="org.opennms.protocols.radius.springsecurity.RadiusAuthenticationProvider">
   <!-- ... -->
   <beans:property name="authTypeClass"><beans:bean class="net.jradius.client.auth.PAPAuthenticator"/></beans:property>
   <!-- ... -->
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans:beans xmlns=""
<beans:bean id="externalAuthenticationProvider" class="org.opennms.protocols.radius.springsecurity.RadiusAuthenticationProvider">
  <!-- ... -->
  <beans:property name="authTypeClass" value="net.jradius.client.auth.PAPAuthenticator"/>
  <!-- ... -->

Supported values for authTypeClass are:

  • net.jradius.client.auth.TunnelAuthenticator

  • net.jradius.client.auth.PAPAuthenticator

  • net.jradius.client.auth.EAPMSCHAPv2Authenticator

  • net.jradius.client.auth.MSCHAPv2Authenticator

  • net.jradius.client.auth.EAPMD5Authenticator

  • net.jradius.client.auth.CHAPAuthenticator

  • net.jradius.client.auth.MSCHAPv1Authenticator

  • net.jradius.client.auth.RadiusAuthenticator

  • net.jradius.client.auth.EAPAuthenticator

If no value is provided net.jradius.client.auth.PAPAuthenticator is used.

  • VMWare-Center-Monitoring make for every virtual machine a login/logout (Issue NMS-8204)

  • LDAPMonitor causes Errors in ldap logfiles (Issue NMS-8891)

  • The KSC Dashlet for the Ops-Board is not working (Issue NMS-10191)

  • Radius Login Problem (Issue NMS-10212)

  • DefaultProvisionService logs noisily for monitored service having state "N" (Issue NMS-10291)

Release Meridian-2016.1.14

Release 2016.1.14 is an update to 2016.1.13 that makes a few small documentation changes, and a fix to the Top 25 event report.

The codename for 2016.1.14 is Boggs eumorphic.

  • The ReST API used to return XMLs with namespace, and now it doesn’t (Issue NMS-8524)

  • Event-Analysis Report shows incorrect numbers for big values in Top25 Events (Issue NMS-9202)

  • The KSC Dashlet for the Ops-Board is not working (Issue NMS-10191)

  • Link to privacy policy from Data Choices UI elements (Issue NMS-10169)

Release Meridian-2016.1.13

Release 2016.1.13 is an update to 2016.1.12 that provides a few small bug fixes and an update to support Newts cache priming.

The codename for 2016.1.13 is HEALPix.

  • Cannot see StrafePing graphs when using Backshift. (Issue NMS-9946)

  • foreign-id with space (%20) at end causes issues with Newts (Issue NMS-9961)

  • Backport intermittent SNMPv3 failures to foundation-2016 (Issue NMS-10153)

  • Improve performance of newts.indexing to avoid overwhelm Cassandra cluster (Issue NMS-9959)

Release Meridian-2016.1.12

Release 2016.1.12 is an update to 2016.1.11 that provides one small bug fix and a Windows build fix.

The codename for 2016.1.12 is Lambert cylindrical equal-area.

  • EventUtils.eventsMatch() fails if nodeId is greater than 127 (Issue NMS-9941)

  • Java not found properly when building from Windows CMD proc (Issue NMS-9947)

Release Meridian-2016.1.11

Release 2016.1.11 is an update to 2016.1.10 that provides one small bug fix.

The codename for 2016.1.11 is Gall-Peters.

  • Inconsistent handling of keyboard navigation on top menu (Issue NMS-9867)

  • Copyright dates need a bump for 2018 (Issue NMS-9871)

Release Meridian-2016.1.10

Release 2016.1.10 is an update to 2016.1.9 that provides a few bug fixes.

The codename for 2016.1.10 is Waterman Butterfly.

  • host with single quote in the name breaks UI menu items (Issue NMS-6616)

  • IOActive: Reflected Cross-site Scripting in userGroupView/roles roleDescr and Other Parameters (Issue NMS-9673)

  • IOActive: Reflected Cross-site Scripting in admin/thresholds/index.htm filterField and Other Parameters (Issue NMS-9674)

  • The EXE installer of the remote poller on Windows is not working (Issue NMS-9721)

Release Meridian-2016.1.9

Release 2016.1.9 is an update to 2016.1.8 that provides a few bug fixes.

The codename for 2016.1.9 is Winkel tripel.

  • Tweak Mattermost notification docs not to specify a channel (Issue NMS-9362)

  • INFO-level "unable to locate resource" log messages for interfaces not persisted by policy (Issue NMS-9388)

  • Northbounders implementation are not sending feedback events for reloadDaemonConfig (Issue NMS-9524)

  • XSS: HTML attribute values with quotes not escaped properly (Issue NMS-9645)

  • Incorrect logging of exceptions in Slack and Mattermost notifications (Issue NMS-9656)

  • IOActive: Reflected Cross-site Scripting in instrumentationLogReader.jsp searchString Parameter (Issue NMS-9672)

  • Typo prevents FIQL query values from being URI-encoded (Issue NMS-9694)

  • Typo: "not elegible" for SNMP primary N enumeration (Issue NMS-9701)

  • ReST v1 does not return errors for unparseable events (Issue NMS-9724)

  • Sending bad XML to the Requisitions ReST end point makes the API unusable (Issue NMS-9725)

Release Meridian-2016.1.8

Release 2016.1.8 is an update to 2016.1.7 that provides a few security fixes.

The codename for 2016.1.8 is Hammer retroazimuthal.

  • Multiple XSS vulnerabilities in OpenNMS webapp (Issue NMS-9457)

  • opennms-webapp-remoting JARs are not signed (Issue NMS-9638)

  • IOActive: Stored Cross-site Scripting in SNMP Trap Message (Issue NMS-9668)

  • IOActive: Reflected Cross-site Scripting in heatmap/outages heatmap Parameter (Issue NMS-9671)

Release Meridian-2016.1.7

Release 2016.1.7 is an update to 2016.1.6 that provides a number of small bug fixes.

The codename for 2016.1.7 is Tobler hyperelliptical.

  • INFO-severity syslog-derived events end up unmatched (Issue NMS-8106)

  • Resource graph forecast page lacks header (Issue NMS-8856)

  • Allow provisiond to perform reverse lookups without requiring an A record (foundation-2016) (Issue NMS-9406)

  • No bounds-checking in processing of DHCP Options (Issue NMS-9420)

  • The reason parameter for a nodeLostService event is limited to 255 characters (Issue NMS-9550)

  • The script looks for the remote-poller.jar file in the wrong location (Issue NMS-9606)

  • vmware importer fails with NPE (Issue NMS-9611)

  • Basic syslog messages with Informational severity turn into unknown events (Issue NMS-9615)

  • quick add node is broken (Issue NMS-9618)

  • Remote poller logs have place holders for their names (Issue NMS-9621)

  • Remote Poller log path incorrect when using the NSIS installer (Issue NMS-9631)

Release Meridian-2016.1.6

Release 2016.1.6 is an update to 2016.1.5 that provides quite a few bug fixes and a few small enhancements.

The codename for 2016.1.6 is Goode homolosine.

  • collectd does not unschedule deleted nodes (Issue NMS-5105)

  • noSuchInstance causing problems during provision scan (Issue NMS-8046)

  • Security issue for all admin vaadin applications exposed as OSGI Service (Issue NMS-8431)

  • Updating assets/categories through ReST affects Forced Unmanaged services. (Issue NMS-8879)

  • Logging for TCP output queue (Issue NMS-9291)

  • does not create interfaces (Issue NMS-9345)

  • XSS vulnerability on quick-add node page (Issue NMS-9353)

  • XSS vulnerability on node error page (Issue NMS-9354)

  • XSS vulnerability with application names (Issue NMS-9355)

  • Thresholding on WSMan datasources appears broken (Issue NMS-9361)

  • TCP persistence strategy should output time in milliseconds, not seconds (Issue NMS-9409)

  • NullPointerException during nodeScan on devices with broken IP-MIB::ipAddressIfIndex (Issue NMS-9415)

  • Event Configuration Screen Requires Alarm Type (Issue NMS-9422)

  • SQL injection in DefaultSurveillanceViewService (Issue NMS-9476)

  • "query" parameter allows SQL injection (Issue NMS-9478)

  • Clone foreign source requisition overwrites config of other requisition without any hint or warning (Issue NMS-9481)

  • Fix ownership of users.xml (Issue NMS-9493)

  • ConcurrentModificationException thrown by Statsd (Issue NMS-9511)

  • Update copyright date in docs (Issue NMS-9516)

  • Document supported products and versions for Remedy integration (Issue NMS-9538)

  • Eventd does not respect event configuration order when reloading (Issue NMS-9551)

  • users.xml being overwritten on installation (Issue NMS-9573)

  • Document the logic behind the response time value reported by the SnmpMonitor (Issue NMS-9475)

  • Add parameterized SQL support to Criteria API (Issue NMS-9480)

Release Meridian-2016.1.5

Release 2016.1.5 is an update to 2016.1.4 that provides quite a few bug fixes and a few enhancements.

The codename for 2016.1.5 is Peirce Quincuncial.

  • OpenNMS doesn’t correctly support IPv6 addresses for (jasper) reporting (Issue NMS-5450)

  • vmware urls do not support username/passwords that require URL encoding (Issue NMS-6530)

  • If a target node is rebooted the RRD/JRB files contains spikes because the sysUpTime check is not working (Issue NMS-7106)

  • Geo-Maps running on a server without internet connection breaks the UI for valid nodes. (Issue NMS-7148)

  • scrollbars displayed for RrdDashlet title box (Issue NMS-7562)

  • RWS client always uses plain HTTP, even if rws-config.html has HTTPS URL (Issue NMS-8441)

  • Multiple smoke tests flapping inside docker (Issue NMS-8544)

  • Restarting OMNS results in numerous SNMP outage alarms and notifications (Issue NMS-8620)

  • Null ospfrouterid in NodeDiscoveryOspf (Issue NMS-8667)

  • Exception in LatencyStoringServiceMonitorAdaptor: IncorrectResultSizeDataAccessException (Issue NMS-8756)

  • Threshold editor help text unclear about comparison operators (Issue NMS-8826)

  • NPE in CdpLink.toString() (Issue NMS-8897)

  • auto-acknoledge random fails (Issue NMS-8901)

  • Near Real-Time Graphing unable to graph Cisco BDI interfaces (Issue NMS-8908)

  • WS-Man throws event 4776 and 4625 with domain user on windows side (Issue NMS-8925)

  • NPE in IpInterfaceScan when processing IPLike rule with IPv6 address (Issue NMS-8934)

  • Statsd: erroneous reporting; aggregators not reset between worker’s runs (Issue NMS-8944)

  • WS_Man datacollection using WQL fails with 'unsupported element' (Issue NMS-8955)

  • Enlinkd fails to discovery Bridge Topology (Issue NMS-8973)

  • Typo in linkednode.jsp in panel title (Issue NMS-8981)

  • NRT Graphing does not show SNMP counter values correctly (Issue NMS-9005)

  • Copyright bump 2017 (Issue NMS-9060)

  • opennms.conf can break the snmp-request command (Issue NMS-9068)

  • Jsr160ConnectionFactory doesn’t work with IPv6 address (Issue NMS-9071)

  • WS-Man thresholding reports: No thresholds configured for resource type '*' (Issue NMS-9077)

  • Standalone HTTPS with Jetty doesn’t work with certificate alias (Issue NMS-9084)

  • Correlation engine’s cancelTimer method should be public (Issue NMS-9087)

  • Collection timing enhancements (Issue NMS-9090)

  • Migrate RTC related objects to JAXB instead of Castor (Issue NMS-9100)

  • Pollerd continues to monitor deleted nodes (Issue NMS-9112)

  • Selection of non-disk RRD strategies (Issue NMS-9120)

  • It is possible to perform alarms/notifications actions through the Acks ReST end point without permissions (Issue NMS-9140)

  • SNMP client code can get stuck in infinite retry loops (Issue NMS-9164)

  • incorrect permissions on opennms.service (Issue NMS-9166)

  • Fix the execution of Drools rules when using streaming (CEP, Temporal Reasoning) (Issue NMS-9172)

  • Drools examples fails to load with exception (Issue NMS-9186)

  • SyslogParser should not assume UTC timestamps (Issue NMS-9201)

  • New resource types are not available in the Web UI until it is restarted (Issue NMS-9205)

  • OSPF Router Id not properly updated (Issue NMS-9218)

  • DNS Adapter on Delete Node does not delete DNS record (Issue NMS-9219)

  • Problems associated with SNMP4J affects OpenNMS performance (contention issues) (Issue NMS-9223)

  • Pollerd takes too much time scheduling polling when OpenNMS starts (Issue NMS-9247)

  • Requisition UI breaks when percentage sign is used inside Foreign ID input field (Issue NMS-9269)

  • Make TCP output queue parameters configurable (Issue NMS-9282)

  • Calculation of KSC reports timespans "Last Week" and "This Week" broken (Issue NMS-9325)

  • Upgrade Drools to 6.4.0.Final (from 6.0.1.Final) (Issue NMS-8676)

  • Node detail page is hard to use with a lot of surveillance categories (Issue NMS-8989)

  • SNMP data collection definitions for Cisco ASA5585-SSP-60 devices (Issue NMS-9094)

  • Persist string attributes over the TCP stream (Issue NMS-9126)

  • Add JMX instrumentation for the Drools Correlator to understand the the working memory of each rule-set (a.k.a. engine) (Issue NMS-9145)

  • Upgrade snmp4j to 2.5.5 (Issue NMS-9162)

  • Enhance to MockSnmpAgent to support returning arbitrary SNMP error codes (Issue NMS-9163)

  • Set domain level for DNS adapter (Issue NMS-9222)

  • Allow for choosing ifDescr over ifName for interface directory name (Issue NMS-9240)

  • Improve handling of counter wraps/reset when using Newts (Issue NMS-9252)

Release Meridian-2016.1.4

Release 2016.1.4 is an update to 2016.1.3 that provides a number of bug fixes and a few enhancements.

The codename for 2016.1.4 is Dymaxion.

NOTE: Configuration Changes

While we strive to make no changes to $OPENNMS_HOME/etc in micro Meridian releases, we have a few changes that we deemed important or low-impact enough for this release:

  • An entry was added to log4j2.xml for SNMP4J, avoiding large amounts of spurious SNMP logs.

  • The Peak Traffic Jasper subreport was modified to report in octets.

  • A number of graph definitions in were fixed.

  • If a target node is rebooted the RRD/JRB files contains spikes because the sysUpTime check is not working (Issue NMS-7106)

  • Opsboard change title color to something neutral than red (Issue NMS-7911)

  • ConstraintViolationException in Enlinkd for OSPF (Issue NMS-8067)

  • Enlinkd Topology: Cannot search for nodes without alarms (Issue NMS-8420)

  • Replace VDEF with {diffTime} on the resource templates to avoid conflicts with Backshift (Issue NMS-8490)

  • Inconsistencies with the Measurements API when using Newts (Issue NMS-8498)

  • Restarting OMNS results in numerous SNMP outage alarms and notifications (Issue NMS-8620)

  • Measurements API can fail with exception when operating in relaxed mode (Issue NMS-8665)

  • Newts: When Cassandra Cluster is unavailable, OpenNMS gives up on trying to contact it again (Issue NMS-8670)

  • Any SNMP error-status > 5 treated as unrecognized, aborts AggregateTracker (Issue NMS-8671)

  • Event advanced search does not work because of encoded &s (Issue NMS-8768)

  • The Alarms Details widget on the OpsBoard shows the text on green instead of black (Issue NMS-8771)

  • Installer script doesn’t work with PostgreSQL 9.6 (Issue NMS-8779)

  • SNMP web configurator does not allow zero retries (Issue NMS-8789)

  • The search page for events is not working as expected (Issue NMS-8790)

  • InterruptedExceptions thrown when using SNMP (Issue NMS-8813)

  • Outage ReST service forNode use case calculates dates incorrectly (Issue NMS-8823)

  • Discovery duplicates nodes when foreign-source is set (Issue NMS-8835)

  • Several ICMPv6 tests fail with NoRouteToHostException (Issue NMS-8840)

  • user detection in install is busted on some Linux systems (Issue NMS-8843)

  • Backshift shows the name of the string variables when the value is not available (Issue NMS-8847)

  • Wallboard / Ops board renders product logo strangely (Issue NMS-8855)

  • NonUniqueResultException when retrieving CDP links (Issue NMS-8863)

  • The ipinterface.iphostname field is not updated after changing the FQDN associated with a given IP address (Issue NMS-8874)

  • The label of unreachable auto-discovered nodes is set to the IP after a rescan. (Issue NMS-8880)

  • Memory Leak in enlinkd? (Issue NMS-8896)

  • Spurious Trapd error logs: unknown SNMP protocol version 'v2' (Issue NMS-8900)

  • Can’t save cached requisition associated with HTTP when scheduling the import through provisiond-configuration.xml (Issue NMS-8912)

  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while processing some trap varbinds (Issue NMS-8915)

  • WS-Man collection fail with unknown reason code 2 (Issue NMS-8923)

  • WS-Man collection with resource-type only store last resource (Issue NMS-8924)

  • Backshift failing with legend errors for NRTG + Forecasts (Issue NMS-8939)

  • wsdl2java in features/ticketing/remedy is causing build failures (Issue NMS-8940)

  • WS_Man datacollection using WQL fails with 'unsupported element' (Issue NMS-8955)

  • Replace the X with back button in the Angular provisioning WebUI (Issue NMS-7908)

  • Missing image in provisioning doc (Issue NMS-8121)

  • Add ReST Elastic Search Alarms to Foundation2016 (Issue NMS-8693)

  • Create a more useful example content for opennms.conf (Issue NMS-8721)

  • Add documentation for Mattermost/Slack notifications (Issue NMS-8742)

  • Allow filtering by severity in alarm list (Issue NMS-8851)

  • Expose alarm-list "limit" parameter as a UI control (Issue NMS-8852)

  • Make the ILR put the node label alongside the package/IPADDR/Service tuple (Issue NMS-8858)

  • Better logging for SNMP traps with processing problems (Issue NMS-8903)

  • Make the RRAs tunable for the metrics:stress command when using for RRDtool. (Issue NMS-8972)

Release Meridian-2016.1.3

Release 2016.1.3 is an update to 2016.1.2 that provides a few bug fixes, including a fix to a XSS vulnerability in the web UI.

The codename for 2016.1.3 is Hobo-Dyer.

  • Syslogd may not associate messages with new nodes without a restart (Issue NMS-7236)

  • No event for Informational syslog (Issue NMS-7934)

  • IE11 and Firefox Browsers Display Double Scroll Bars for the RTC: Service Monitoring Table in the Ops Panel (Issue NMS-8035)

  • Null Pointer Exception in bridge discovery (Issue NMS-8390)

  • upgrade error: too many open files (Issue NMS-8507)

  • Documentation for the Requisition ReST API is confusing (Issue NMS-8521)

  • Missing documentation for ifservices ReST end point. (Issue NMS-8604)

  • Lost Bridge Forwarding Table Links (Issue NMS-8619)

  • Missing documentation for categories ReST end point. (Issue NMS-8629)

  • The categories ReST end point returns HTTP 500 when querying it with a browser. (Issue NMS-8637)

  • Database Reports Are Emailed When "Email report" is Unchecked (Issue NMS-8654)

  • Custom Resource graphs draw magenta lines if "Blue" is selected (Issue NMS-8655)

  • The ReST end point /foreignSourcesConfig/assets contains invalid fields (Issue NMS-8690)

  • Site status view gives a 400 error for aggregate view for node downs (Issue NMS-8700)

  • View current Site outages does not filter for "building" (Issue NMS-8702)

  • The Vaddin version of the dashboard shows negative availability sometimes (Issue NMS-8705)

  • Scriptd is not working at all for events that have nodes associated. (Issue NMS-8716)

  • vmwarecimquery and vmwareconfigbuilder tools is not working (Issue NMS-8718)

  • XSS vulnerability in display of SNMP sysName and trap varbind values (Issue NMS-8722)

  • IllegalStateException when using the RrdSummaryController (Issue NMS-8743)

  • Trapd JMX trap counters don’t count traps (Issue NMS-8744)

  • Blank content when clicking on "View Node Link Detailed Info" (Issue NMS-8808)

  • Search Events Error (Issue NMS-8970)

  • Add Mattermost and Slack notification strategies (Issue NMS-8346)

  • Outage REST service cannot filter on event fields (Issue NMS-8724)

Release Meridian-2016.1.2

Release 2016.1.2 is an update to 2016.1.1 that provides a number of bug fixes, including a fix for geographical maps that were using the (end-of-life’d) MapQuest OpenStreetMap tile server.

The codename for 2016.1.2 is Loximuthal.

  • observations related to "ping".option in topology page (Issue NMS-6849)

  • Using ping in topology view cause strange behavior (Issue NMS-7204)

  • New Monitoring Locations Editor only allows integers in the latitude and longitude fields (Issue NMS-7869)

  • output.log fills up with GLib-GObject-CRITICAL messages (Issue NMS-8016)

  • Ping from topology view does not work (results in 404 Page not found) (Issue NMS-8043)

  • VMware-ManagedEntity does not work with VMware 6 (Issue NMS-8187)

  • Install -dis on "SocketException:Too many open files" on centos:latest docker (Issue NMS-8200)

  • JdbcCollector does not close database connections correctly (Issue NMS-8488)

  • HW ENTITY_MIB plugin is not showing all information for certain devices (Issue NMS-8506)

  • OEM graph for Storage Utilization fails due to '::' (Issue NMS-8519)

  • Topology Map is very very slow (Issue NMS-8589)

  • Requisitioned IP interfaces never have ipHostName set (Issue NMS-8593)

  • Compiler warnings about MaxPermSize support is removed in 8.0 (Issue NMS-8594)

  • Distributed/Geographical Maps do not show images anymore (Issue NMS-8597)

  • Improve built-in Newts graphs for easier diagnostics (Issue NMS-8495)

  • Alphabetize nodes in surveillance category listing (Issue NMS-8535)

  • Make custom event parameters expandable (Issue NMS-8590)

Release Meridian-2016.1.1

Release 2016.1.1 is an update to 2016.1.0 that provides a fix for upgrades.

The codename for 2016.1.1 is Cassini.

Release Meridian-2016.1.0

Release 2016.1.0 is the first release of OpenNMS Meridian 2016. It is based on OpenNMS Horizon 17.1.1, plus a number of smaller bug fixes.

The codename for 2016.1.0 is Mercator.